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May 18, 2011

Sulit.Com Artistically Over 1 Million Members has already reached its 1 million members and because of that accomplishment they are giving away prizes to celebrate that achievement. Feel their pride and join their give away contest.        
So, until May 28, 2011 they will be giving away prizes every week and All you have to do is tell the world that you are part of the 1M members so you can qualify for the raffle.
We still got enough time to join and become part of the contest. If you want to know more just visit their website


Dec 19, 2010

Unsecured Personal Loans

For an artist who's broke and wanting to get back into the world of arts, they would go into deep debts but determination will hold them to get themselves back again. They will look for funds to finance their arts and masterpieces. They will hope and pray to be able to get more clients and pieces to be sold.

There are different ways for an artist to find legal money. It will entail more time and patience to get funding. So if an artist is on the barge of fast money it will end up with Unsecured Personal Loans. Giving them more problems with their loans and finances, and the worst they may get bad credit but good thing that there are financial institutions that keep those Bad Credit Personal Loan and Bad Credit Personal Loans.

So with this artist will sure get with what they are intended to have and at the same time keep their credibility in tack.  They won't have to be beggars begging for funds and help for their artworks.


Dec 18, 2010

An Artist

There are things that defines what an artist is. Most of them are shown through their works, others with their signature, with their lifestyle and others are based on how they look. But commonly artist are judge by their looks. An example is a man with a long hair and unshaven beard is always referred to as an artist. That's how people perceived of a person when they see those traits. But to be precise and definitive about an artist is an artist because of their expression, whether they are rugged looking or define and gentle Arts are not only for those who are on the upper class people down below do have their names and can compete with the artist of the upper class. But hey! Why do we have to clash when we can get together and run life symbiotically.

So will you consider yourself as an artist? If you ask me I would say yes because with just simple organizing of things is already consider as an art. Though it is not as complex and vivid as the real painter, as long as you have the inner thought of being an artist then your artist. Your an artist in your own way and not with the dictation of this world.



Dec 17, 2010


Dec 15, 2010

Pages That Comes Alive

Ever since the technology has uprooted and make his face known to people every day new technology were shown to public for personal and company use. At first technologies were only developed for companies and industries, they make things easier and cost effective for the company owner and workers but now technology has leaked out to every household and personal interest. One of this is about visual arts.

Visual arts has been present ever since man was known. They make simple drawings and images that will help them identify events and things happen to them. Every century, decade, and years it has evolved and now technology has merge with visual arts to provide more realistic and powerful images. Before arts are mere drawing of two dimensional images but now arts surpass its limit of pencil and papers they have evolved and conquered the digital world from 3D graphics and web designs. Web Company is now growing because of this developments. Some of them were able to create much more different than the usual like the User Interface Design. Though many were able to create some the same with the others but still there's an authentic signature, a Web Design Information.

Now, the competition is much greater. If a creative agency has both art and technology well they own the graphic industry. That come make things pop out of the usual images.


Nov 24, 2010

Web Directory

Every websites or blogsites needs to be seen and read. That's the whole purposes why a website or a blogsite is put and published online. Their main purposes will be discarded and neglected if it is not seen of read by their target audience. So web directories are the answer to this problem. They can let your website or blogsite be shown and read to a target audience or for some who are just surfing and browsing the net. Web directories are commonly divided according to niches like for example if a site talks about arts then it will go to Art Directory, another thing is if it is about business stuff then it will go to Business Directory, or if it is about computer and internet stuff then it will go to Computer Directory. Sites are categorized in order for the viewers of the directory to see what they are looking for in a shortest time as possible. So directories can help us find things in an easy and appropriate way.


Nov 21, 2010

Speed Painting Optimus Prime

I really like robots specially the transformers. I like how the story goes and how robots can transform. Disguising themselves as vehicles and other objects. Since I like robots I want to share a speed painting of Optimus Prime that I found on youtube.

I'm an artist but I haven't tried a good painting of a robot. I really sucks on creating lights and shadows with robots. So here's the video clip of the speed painting and enjoy.



Oct 31, 2010

Personal Loans

Does any artist needs Personal Loans? Yes they do! Most artists also do need some money to buy something for them. Artists who are not famous always depend on their exhibits. While they are not yet finished with their artworks for the exhibits and has not earned any from their works they tend to make some loans. This is to shoulder their expenses and their needed materials.

Freelancer graphic artist also seek some loans for themselves. Like any other people they also need money to finance their daily living, especially if their source of income is somewhat delayed or suspended for the meantime. So in order to survive during these times they will choose to solve their problem by leaning on companies that provide loans.

There are different kinds of loans. Some of these types of loans are No Credit Loans, Poor Credit Loans, Personal Loans, and a whole lot more.



Oct 24, 2010

Instant Loans

Instant Loans are what artists needs. All artists are not really wealthy in terms of financial aspects. Most of them are financially able only every end of their exhibit. That was the time that they do get profit from their sold artworks. But after that once there are no more exhibit, they are back on being simple and some even to the extent of being broke. Not all artist are the same when it comes to financial obligations. There are times that they are not given any loans because of their Bad Credit Loans Online, while others are given Guaranteed Loans which they use to finance most of their exhibits.

Most artist do two to three exhibits in a year to give them ample time to prepare their artworks. These are also the time that they can really use some of the loans that they get. If they are lucky enough, most of their paintings and other masterpiece may lead to a sold out. The more sold artworks the more profit they will have and the better chances of settling their obligations.



Jun 21, 2010

World Cup Presentation:Stop Motion

Here's a presentation of the world cup ad rendered in stop motion. I like how they did this.

Go South Africa! from Sir Moving Images on Vimeo.


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