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May 28, 2009

"Romantic cards to Impress"

Trying to impress someone today? Why not send her a greeting card. Words are much sharper than knife and it pierce through the heart once it is cast.

When I was a teenager impressing girls are done simply by giving flowers, chocolates, and cards. With romantic thoughts embedded and making sure that everything are well written on the card. That was before and the World Wide Web wasn’t very popular then.

Now impressing girls have gone up and into the cyber world. Most people today are now using the internet technology. Less paper of course! But still the idea of greeting cards remains and much more colorful and animated. There’s one site where you can find some greetings card, the They got lots of variety of greeting cards. Available are birthday greeting cards, anniversary cards, funny cards, etc. and best of all they are all free. So choose one card from free romantic cards and send it to impress.



May 21, 2009

"The Marble City"

I remember the day that we started constructing our little house. The house is just small and it is just like a duplex, it is attached to the main house of Mom and Pop. We designed and colored it the way we wanted it. Of course it is bluer than blue!

When it is finished we were so busy planning and thinking on what to put in it. We bought blue vinyl tiles for the floor and it was so cool. We painted the walls light blue just like the sky and on the kitchen, since it is small, we bought a small sink and put granite tops like tiles on it. Simple and looks elegant.

There is a website that offers a real granite tops that are really simple and elegant. The Marble City Company is the site where you can find it. The site is easy to find and can easily view the designs and styles that you want. They may even advise you on what is the best granite tops for your house.



May 9, 2009

"The Art of COSPLAY"

COSPLAY? A COSPLAY is a short term for the word “costume play”. From the word costume meaning a dress or clothing which commonly used to conceals an identity and suffixed with a word play which is to have fun. So, meaning you’re clothing or dressing yourself to have fun, which is the main goal of the COSPLAY. To have fun! The common costumes that these COSPLAYERS are mimicking are animes, cartoon character, movie character, and even computer game characters. They don’t just actually mimic the costume but also the character they are portraying.

COSPLAY is also considered as an art. Why? Well for me making such costume requires an artistic talent that these COSPLAYERS have. The way they render the colors and choice of materials is something that an artist do but the only thing is that they to life when the event starts.



May 5, 2009

"Product Review: Wrap A Latte"

Having trouble holding your coffee cup? Can’t bear the heat and the mess? Here is something to solve your problem, a very unique and stylish way of holding your coffee cup. The Wrap A Latte! It is a coffee sleeve made from insulated fabric to keep your hands cool while holding a hot coffee or choco. These coffee sleeves are not just coolant but it is also a fashion statement.

With a variety of colors, designs and styles to choose from this coffee cup sleeve can sure match your outfit. Be it in retro, classy, modern or futuristic. Just got to their website and pick the swatches you like.

You can also make this as a gift for your friends and relatives who really love to drink hot beverages. One super cool suggestion is that when you buy the Wrap A Latte make sure to include a Starbucks Gift Card.

Grab one of this and happy sipping!



"Swine Flu Scare"

With the scare of swine flu a lot of people are keeping themselves safe and protected but still not forgetting to be in fashion. Like this one on the picture.

flu mask mustache



"Coffe Cup Sleeves... in Style"

I find this interesting… a sleeve for your coffee, sounds unique and intriguing.

If you’re a coffee addict or just loves to drink coffee and you find it hard to hold on to a hot coffee here is something for you. The Wrap A Latte, it is a coffee sleeve made specially for cups. These coffee sleeves are made of a special fabric that keep your hands insulated from any hot drinks. Plus you get a cool fashion statement if you have this.

Another thing about this coffee cup sleeve is that you don’t have to replace or throw it away. You just have to wash it and let it dry, after that you can use it again.

And if you got bored with your chosen design or if you want to send it as a gift you can just order another set from the Wrap A Latte. They get plenty of designs and styles to choose from. Just go to their website and choose the swatches you like. Fashionable and stylish whatever you want just pick one that suits your personality.


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