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May 9, 2009

"The Art of COSPLAY"

COSPLAY? A COSPLAY is a short term for the word “costume play”. From the word costume meaning a dress or clothing which commonly used to conceals an identity and suffixed with a word play which is to have fun. So, meaning you’re clothing or dressing yourself to have fun, which is the main goal of the COSPLAY. To have fun! The common costumes that these COSPLAYERS are mimicking are animes, cartoon character, movie character, and even computer game characters. They don’t just actually mimic the costume but also the character they are portraying.

COSPLAY is also considered as an art. Why? Well for me making such costume requires an artistic talent that these COSPLAYERS have. The way they render the colors and choice of materials is something that an artist do but the only thing is that they to life when the event starts.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah my Son really wants to Cosplay and so do I even though I am 43. I lvoed dressing up as akid and always dreamed of being a Jedi one day!!
Now I ma into the really oriental stuff and wathc Korean and Chinese movies with all the old hanbok/hanfu costumes. and the Japanese Samurai movies. My Son is heavily into Manga..I like Naruto.

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