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Jun 16, 2008

"Nakatagong Pag-ibig"

When we speak of love, most of us admire people whom we like and who fill our emptiness. On the part of the teenagers most of their love and admiration are often hidden and unknown, it's because teenagers are new to this kind of feeling of which they don't know how to react on it. That was the feeling when I was on that age and the result is this artwork... "Nakatagong Pag-ibg or Hidden Love". Materials used are oil pastel on paper.




Flames are very dangerous thing to play with specially if your house is made of nipa hut. One blow of the wind for sure will burn your house down to ashes. But this flames that I've painted will not burn anything when posted but will sure catch some attention. The painting depicts life and how we struggle to get to something. Materials used for the painting are watercolor and board paper (as usual slightly used board paper).



Jun 11, 2008

"A Scene in Dumaguete"

This artwork was done on paper and the coloring material used is color pencil. The scene is somewhere in Dumaguete (I forgot the name of the place) which where we stayed in our planning workshop in my first employment (LPI, actually this the NGO that sponsored my schooling). It was beach side view overlooking the island of Cebu. The place was great and view is lovely.


Jun 10, 2008

"Mga Mukha ng Pag-ibig (Different Faces of Love)"

This art was done when i was in high school. Actually this painting was a product of what I feel during that time. This reminds of different memories. Some of them were good and some were bad but most of the time that triggers me paint are emotions of love.

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