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Mar 19, 2010

"Learning Sports: Golf"

One of the sports that I didn’t have a chance to at least played a single game. First is because you need to have the basic equipment to play the game and second you need to be a member or a guest of the member to play in the game area. So how am I going to know experience playing this game in real life? To be honest I don’t know much about this sports I only manage to learn it in watching sports on TV. So if I were given a chance I would love to learn to swing those golf clubs, in real life, and score a hole in one. Yes! Golf is the sports that I wasn’t able to learn and play and real life just as I said before to be able to play golf it will require some equipment that is not easy to acquire and you need to go to a golf shop to acquire them unlike basketball, soccer, table tennis, and the like. Those games that I have mentioned are much easier and the tools or gadgets are of course budget wise cheaper to acquire. So with someone like me who is not like Ritchie Rich will just have to manage and learn in some other ways. And the only way that I know where I could learn is… where else but inside a virtual world… in computer and video games. Though it’s not real still I learn some of the terminologies that are being used in the game. Some of these are hole-in-one, birdie, boogie and a whole lot more.

So while I still cannot learn or play it for real I’ll just have to stick around with the virtual world of computer and video games. But there are still some other options that I have found and I think I could learn some from them. I found a site about golf the only thing is that it is written in German. But it doesn’t bother me at all because I want to learn and the good thing is that there are sites that offer translation. So plain and simple.

The site is called Golfkurse Platzreife, the Platzreife is a german word for playing permission on a golf course. Maybe I should really visit some of the Golfshop here in our town to be more familiarize with golf. So wish me luck learning golf!


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