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Aug 21, 2009

"The Yellow Day"

Tie a yellow ribbon
A way to remember
Someone who is common
To everyone here.

We remember Ninoy
We remember Cory

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Aug 20, 2009

"Artsy Contest: Five Dollar Friday"

Here's a contest that I've found and banner were quite Artsy. I know its a bit late but hey we still got two Fridays of August left. This Five Dollar Friday is a contest from tututina. So if you still want to win blog about this now!

Here are the details of the contest.

How to Enter
Anyone can enter the contest. But you must follow our giveaway guidelines in order to qualify:
1. Blog about our Five Dollar Fridays Giveaway
2. Select from our buttons (small or large) or our animated banner and post it on your blog/webpage
3. Leave me a comment telling me you've blogged about my giveaway. You MUST include in your comment your blog/webpage URL and your paypal email (sign up for your free personal paypal account if you don't have one!) so we can verify you've blogged about the giveaway and we can give you the prize if you are the winner.
**You only need to blog once and keep our buttons/banners up for the duration of the August long contest and you will automatically be entered in all of our Five Dollar Friday Draws. Click here for more details.



Aug 17, 2009

"The Rain"

Visualizing things through sound is something that blind people are very good I just don't know if these choir can fake them.

The synchronization of each sound is good and it really depicts what it supposed to convey to listeners. I give an "A" for this one and a two thumbs up for the conductor. Conducting and directing such number with a sound like this I thinks its really hard.

So what is this just watch and hear for yourself!



Aug 13, 2009

"The National Artist Controversy"

I'm an artist and I like arts. I had read and seen works of famous Filipino Artists, most of them fascinating which leads to become an artist as well. But I haven't done much work that would be considered.

This is my thoughts about the recent proclamation of four new National Artists by PGMA.

First, yes they are artist also but have they met the criteria for which to become a NATIONAL ARTIST and had they met the standard set by the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) and Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Like Mr. Carlo Caparas, why is it that he was granted to be National Artist of two categories, namely Film and Visual Arts? I think Mars Ravelo is much better to put on the visual arts for he has made numerous fictional icons. And in film there are lots of best directors who have contributed much than him.

Second, yes PGMA has the prerogative to choose who ever she wants to but she's forgetting something that there is a standard set by the NCCA and CCP at least she should have based her decision according to the standard. So what are the standards for? So meaning if she has the prerogative she could just pick anyone?

Third, for those chosen "National Artist" do they really feel that they deserve it. How can they proclaim that they are an artist if even the realm of artist don't recognize you. Maybe they should have at least kept their dignity.



Aug 6, 2009

"Texas Salsa"

Most people are looking for spices in their life. They wanted to taste something different and something exotic. The only thing can make your dishes exotic and different are the side dishes or sauces that can make the flavor burst. Salsa and spices can surely put a heat into your food, the gusto and the craving.

I found this site that I know for those people that loves salsa and spices this one is a sure hit for them. The Loco Cowpoke offers a variety of salsa. They claim that these salsas are Texas finest salsa. This Texas Salsa comes in a variety that you can choose from. They got Texas firepit hot BBQ sauce, Hotter than hell of a relish, Texas hot salt, Dirty Jalapeno Olives relish, and many more.

I have tried a few different salsas but this one is what I want to taste, it’s called the Jalapeno Relish which I like it better called the Dirty Jalapeno Olive Relish. The name is a bit different and attracting. My lips are already salivating to taste this one. I really hope to buy this one!


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