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Aug 13, 2009

"The National Artist Controversy"

I'm an artist and I like arts. I had read and seen works of famous Filipino Artists, most of them fascinating which leads to become an artist as well. But I haven't done much work that would be considered.

This is my thoughts about the recent proclamation of four new National Artists by PGMA.

First, yes they are artist also but have they met the criteria for which to become a NATIONAL ARTIST and had they met the standard set by the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) and Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Like Mr. Carlo Caparas, why is it that he was granted to be National Artist of two categories, namely Film and Visual Arts? I think Mars Ravelo is much better to put on the visual arts for he has made numerous fictional icons. And in film there are lots of best directors who have contributed much than him.

Second, yes PGMA has the prerogative to choose who ever she wants to but she's forgetting something that there is a standard set by the NCCA and CCP at least she should have based her decision according to the standard. So what are the standards for? So meaning if she has the prerogative she could just pick anyone?

Third, for those chosen "National Artist" do they really feel that they deserve it. How can they proclaim that they are an artist if even the realm of artist don't recognize you. Maybe they should have at least kept their dignity.



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