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May 5, 2009

"Coffe Cup Sleeves... in Style"

I find this interesting… a sleeve for your coffee, sounds unique and intriguing.

If you’re a coffee addict or just loves to drink coffee and you find it hard to hold on to a hot coffee here is something for you. The Wrap A Latte, it is a coffee sleeve made specially for cups. These coffee sleeves are made of a special fabric that keep your hands insulated from any hot drinks. Plus you get a cool fashion statement if you have this.

Another thing about this coffee cup sleeve is that you don’t have to replace or throw it away. You just have to wash it and let it dry, after that you can use it again.

And if you got bored with your chosen design or if you want to send it as a gift you can just order another set from the Wrap A Latte. They get plenty of designs and styles to choose from. Just go to their website and choose the swatches you like. Fashionable and stylish whatever you want just pick one that suits your personality.



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