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Sep 24, 2008

"Digital Photo Frame: Experience Real Life Photos"

Have you seen the movie Harry Potter? Have you noticed the paintings mounted on every walls of the castle? They were moving as if they were alive. Right! Eerie… of course it’s a castle try mounting it in a modern house… cool ha!

Well you can have the same experience, the look, and the same feeling right in your own house with this new digital photo frame from AV Labs. It has a 15 inch LCD screen good for you vibrant and cystal clear images and videos. Bringing the still into life. You can play a movie clip of your family enjoying the cool breeze of summer, a slideshow of your travel to Europe, or even a simple pose of you and your family in a plain and traditional photo frame.

This digital photo frame is not just plain simple digital photo frame but a full and jammed pack of extras and features. It got a wireless remote control for ultimate ease of use if you want to change the picture or simply silent down the background music of the slideshow. A functional clock and calendar so you won’t miss or forget any important events of the family. It supports USB host for easy plug and play of the pictures or movies, with a 5 in 1 card reader which supports SD, MS, MMC, CF & XD cards, and plus VGA input so it can also be use as a computer monitor. What else can you ask for?

If asked with the design I could loudly say it is very elegant and modernized with its black gloss piano finish. Perfect for mounting in your modern house. Check out the picture of my son.. isn’t he looks good in the picture.

If you want this product order and grab this cool photo frame. You can order it from



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