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Oct 21, 2009

"Superhero Speed Painting"

Since I was a child I was fascinated with superheroes. Most of my drawings back then was about superheroes. I started drawing their heads because its a bit easier to draw. There's not much complication drawing the face especially if the hero is wearing a mask. Later on I was able to draw their bodies. Male body structure is much easier to draw because of its rugged and bulky edges unlike the female body structure its more finesse with a lot of curves. Curves that sometimes its so hard to make it equally proportion.

Time comes and I started making my own superhero characters and I think I have posted some of them here already.

Now with the fast development of technology and the uprising of modern art or what we may the graphic arts, making superheroes come to life is much easier. Images are more alive that sometimes you can't figure out which is which. Like the speed painting here it really gives a full detailed look of Iron Man with just a simple strokes and magic of technology.



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