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Dec 18, 2010

An Artist

There are things that defines what an artist is. Most of them are shown through their works, others with their signature, with their lifestyle and others are based on how they look. But commonly artist are judge by their looks. An example is a man with a long hair and unshaven beard is always referred to as an artist. That's how people perceived of a person when they see those traits. But to be precise and definitive about an artist is an artist because of their expression, whether they are rugged looking or define and gentle Arts are not only for those who are on the upper class people down below do have their names and can compete with the artist of the upper class. But hey! Why do we have to clash when we can get together and run life symbiotically.

So will you consider yourself as an artist? If you ask me I would say yes because with just simple organizing of things is already consider as an art. Though it is not as complex and vivid as the real painter, as long as you have the inner thought of being an artist then your artist. Your an artist in your own way and not with the dictation of this world.



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